Due to the particular machining and finishing attributes combined with good working properties and its availability in a wide range of sheet thicknesses and sizes, MDF finds application in a wide range of construction and furniture applications. It is used increasingly for interior design and building applications such as skirtings and architraves, windowboards, wall linings, decorative facades as well as the core material for some floorings.


MDF can be cut without breakout or splintering and it can be profiled as edges and surfaces. The smooth and relatively dense surface provides an excellent base for painting, veneering and laminating. Consequently MDF is used extensively in furniture production and with the range of value added variants its use is being extended into shopfitting and display, interior fitments, exterior application (e.g. signage and shop fronts) as well as components within numerous other products

  1. Furniture
  2. Interior Fitments
  3. Building Applications
  4. MDF Outside
  5. Housewares & Miscellaneous Items