European Standards

The European standards committee CEN/TC112, through its working groups concerned with fibreboard and general test methods for wood based sheet materials, has produced a large number of standards concerned with the classification of fibreboards into different types covering soft board, medium board, hardboard and medium density fibreboard, test methods to assess the properties of these materials and specifications of performance for different grades of each type, based on results obtained in these tests.

Some National standards, in Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom in particular, specify methods of test and performance requirements for MDF but as MDF is a relatively new product in standard terms, it has not been subject to national standardisation to the same extent as particleboard. The standards relating to MDF emanating from CEN/TC112 provide the most comprehensive set of test method standards and performance specifications in Europe. The test methods are already widely used by MDF manufacturers for quality control purposes. The MDF specification standard EN 622-5 replaces National standards for MDF.



Directory of European Standards Applicable to MDF

EN 120 Wood-based panels - Determination of formaldehyde content - Extraction method called the perforator method.
EN 310 Wood-based panels - Determination of modulus of elasticity in bending and of bending strength
EN 311 Wood-based panels - Surface soundness of particleboards and fibreboards – Test method
EN 316 Wood fibreboards - Definition, classification and symbols
EN 317 Particleboards and fibreboards - Determination of swelling in thickness after immersion in water
EN 318 Wood-based panels - Determination of dimensional changes associated with changes in relative humidity
EN 319 Particleboards and fibreboards - Determination of tensile strength perpendicular to the plane of the board
EN 320 Fibreboards - Determination of resistance to axial withdrawal of screws
EN 321 Wood-based panels – Determination of moisture resistance under cyclic test conditions
EN 322 Wood-based panels - Determination of moisture content
EN 323 Wood-based panels - Determination of density
EN 324-1 Wood-based panels - Determination of dimensions of boards - Part 1: Determination of thickness, width and length
EN 324-2 Wood-based panels - Determination of dimensions of boards - Part 2: Determination of squareness and edge straightness
EN 325 Wood-based panels - Determination of dimensions of test pieces
EN 326-1 Wood-based panels - Sampling, cutting and inspection - Part 1: Sampling and cutting of test pieces and expression of test results
EN 326-2 Wood-based panels - Sampling, cutting and inspection - Part 2: Quality control in the factory
EN 326-3 Wood-based panels - Sampling, cutting and inspection - Part 3: Inspection of a consignment of panels
EN 335-3 Durability of wood and derived materials - Definition of hazard classes of biological attack - Part 3: Application to wood-based panels
EN 382-1 Fibreboards - Determination of surface absorption - Part 1: Test method for dry process fibreboards
EN 622-1 Fibreboards - Specifications - Part 1: General requirements
EN 622-2 Fibreboards - Specifications - Part 2: Requirements for hardboards
EN 622-3 Fibreboards - Specifications - Part 3: Requirements for medium boards
EN 622-4 Fibreboards - Specifications - Part 4: Requirements for softboards
EN 622-5 Fibreboards - Specifications - Part 5: Requirements for dry process boards (MDF)
EN 1087-1 Wood-based panels - Moisture resistance - Part 1: Boil Test
EN1995-1-1 Eurocode 5 - Design of timber structures - Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings
ISO 3340 Fibre building boards - Determination of sand content