Housewares & Miscellaneous Items


4. Clocks and instrument mounts


Simple wood finish clock faces in a wide range of shapes and sizes can be router cut from wood veneered MDF panels. The MDF should be wood veneered on both faces to ensure flatness in varying environmental conditions. The numbers on the dial may be printed or embossed into the veneer surface or may appear on a printed or engraved disc which can be inlaid or adhesive bonded to the veneered MDF surface.

Novelty clocks of contempary design can easily be manufactured by cutting a base panel with a shape appropriate to the application in a kitchen, living room or child's bedroom, painting the surfaces and machined edges directly in bright colours and mounting a quartz movement on the back face.

MDF can also be used to good effect for the manufacture of clock cases in reproduction styles ranging from full size grandfathers to the small bracket types. The intricate profiled panels for the fronts and sides of these clocks are cut from wood veneered MDF panels typically 12 or 15 mm thickness. Individual pieces can be joined by loose tongues or small section dowels. With effective presealing of the moulded edges, a realistic wood effect can be achieved by staining and finishing with clear lacquer.

Wood veneered MDF panels are often used as a base for mounting thermometers, barometers, hygrometers and other measuring equipment. The edges of the MDF panels can easily be shaped to follow the contours of round dials and the surfaces grooved to accommodate the measuring devices