Interior Fitments


7. Classrooms and play areas


MDF has many advantages as a general purpose constructional material for free standing desks, tables and furniture generally for use in schools and all types of educational establishments. In addition to its high strength to withstand heavy use, the facility of rounding corners and profiling edges enhances the safety of the furniture. MDF is also used for constructing wall storage units, bookshelves, display racks, chalk boards and trolleys.

The smooth surfaces and well compacted edges of MDF can be painted in bright colours appropriate to different age groups and application areas. Good results can also be achieved by staining the MDF surfaces to enhance their natural features and then finishing with clear lacquer. Note should be taken of the requirements of EN71 "Safety of Toys" when selecting finishing materials.

MDF can be used effectively for constructing playhouses, model shops, slides, sand trays, painting easels, boats and many other items for use in play areas. As with school furniture, the inherent safety of rounded corners and profiled edges, high resistance to impact damage and general wear together with the wide range of decorative treatments makes MDF a good choice.

Standard grade MDF would be suitable for most interior applications but the use of low formaldehyde MDF is recommended for all furniture and other items likely to be used by children. Flame retardant MDF is available for the manufacture of built in fitments which are subject to national or local fire regulations.