Interior Fitments


5. Exhibition stands and displays


The high profile stands constructed by MDF manufacturers for displaying their products at trade exhibitions is testimony to the versatility of MDF for display purposes.

MDF partitions can be used to create individual display areas related to each group of products or enclosed meeting rooms with good sound insulation characteristics. The smooth vertical surfaces can be used as a base for photographs, signwriting or the display of samples. Slotted MDF panels and the appropriate metal or plastics fittings developed mainly for shopfitting applications can be used to good effect for displaying advertising material and brochures.

The visual impact of the stand can be enhanced by three dimensional shapes built up from MDF panels and used to support the exhibits at eye level or as a base for promotional materials.


Columns, pilasters and pediments can be built up from MDF to create an imposing entrance and to define the limits of the stand. Unique visual effects can be achieved with profiled panels with eye catching cutouts. Curved panels manufactured from single sheets of thin MDF, laminated sheets or the recently introduced formable MDF can be particularly effective.

MDF, available in thicknesses up to 60 mm, can easily be cut into three dimensional shapes for distinctive logos or company names. These shapes can be painted by hand or sprayed to give a good finish on both surfaces and edges.

Standard MDF in the thickness range 1.8 to 60 mm can be used where appropriate for the construction of exhibition stands and fitments. Note should however be taken of any national or local regulations requiring the use of fire treated materials and finishes. Flame retardent MDF can be used as a direct substitute for standard grade where these regulations apply.