Interior Fitments


3. Hotels, restaurants and bars


Hotel bedrooms are often fitted out with wardrobes, drawer chests, bedside cabinets, dressing tables and other units manufactured from MDF panels. Where a wood finish is specified, wood veneered MDF can be used for the carcases, horizontal surfaces and facias. A more decorative effect on the facias can be achieved by profiling panel edges and bonding wood veneer wrapped MDF mouldings to the doors and drawer fronts. White or plain colour effects can be achieved by direct painting MDF panels taking advantage of developments in CNC routing, profile edge sanding and edge finishing to achieve excellent results. Design individuality can be achieved with special hand painted finishes complementing the interior furnishings. Specialist companies now offer a wide range of painted MDF doors, drawer fronts and matching components.

MDF can also be used in hotel bedrooms for shaped headboards, curtain pelmets, mirror surrounds and luggage racks taking advantage of the ease of machining different shapes and edge profiles and finishing to match the furniture items.

Tables used in public areas are often required to have rounded corners as a safety feature and to make good use of limited space. The edges of circular or other shaped table tops manufactured from MDF can be machined with a bullnose or other simple profile and finished directly without the need for adhesive bonded wood or plastics lippings. The surfaces can be wood veneered and lacquered, painted or, for use in more demanding areas such as fast food outlets, surfaced with high durability plastics laminate.

These tables can be supported conventionally by a solid wood or metal underframe but some companies are using MDF to construct a central cruciform or column base for small tables or a shaped panel underframe with reinforcing cross rails for larger tables. More substantial bases can be constructed using thin or formable MDF to create laminated shapes to complement the shape of the table tops.

MDF can be used for the construction of custom designed food or drinks serving areas or counters in restaurants and bars taking advantage of its good machining and finishing characteristics. The high strength and good dimensional stability of MDF will ensure satisfactory performance in these demanding situations.

Feature panels constructed from MDF can be used to create more intimate eating or drinking areas in restaurants or bars. These panels may be embossed or surface profiled for decorative effect. Alternatively they may form part of an upholstered bench seating fitment.

Note Should be taken of any local or national requirements relating to the use of flame retardent or low formaldehyde materials in public areas.