MDF Outside


7. Garden furniture


Exterior grade MDF can be used for rails or slats for solid wood or metal frame seats and table tops or for the construction of complete items of garden furniture. Some designs make use of MDF as a sheet material with slab like legs and rails, others follow the more traditional designs developed for solid wood. The availability of MDF in large sheets enables complete table tops to be cut out without the need for joints. Seat backs cut from panels can have cutouts to create a decorative effect.

Exterior grade MDF panels with external profiling and cut outs can be used for decorative screens and arbours to compliment the patterning of MDF seats.

To ensure satisfactory performance over a long period in varying ambient conditions, all surfaces and edges should be finished with a good exterior durability system. The bottoms of legs should be particularly well sealed and preferably raised from the ground by metal or plastics protectors.