MDF Outside


2. Shop fronts


The good machining and finishing characteristics of standard grade MDF, used to good effect for a wide range of interior fitments, are retained in moisture resistant and exterior grade MDF, with the added advantage of resistance to the extremes of moisture and temperature encountered outside.

Shop fronts can be constructed from flat panels of exterior grade MDF with decorative features cut in the faces or built up on the surface with adhesive bonded mouldings also cut from exterior grade MDF. The visual effect can be enhanced with pelmets, cornices, capitals or other architectural features cut from exterior grade MDF.

Any adhesives used in the construction should have exterior durability as defined in EN204.

All MDF surfaces and edges should be finished with a good exterior durability system.

The smooth surfaces of MDF provide a good base for signwriting or other decorative embellishment.

Solid letters cut from exterior MDF can be used for three dimensional signs finished in contrasting colours.